Polio and Social Security Disability

Jul 28

Post-polio sequelae refers to the documented residuals of acute polioencephalomyelitis(polio) infection as well as other disorders that have an etiological link to either the acutepolio infection or to chronic deficits resulting from the acute infection. Disorders thatmay manifest late in the lives of polio survivors include post-polio syndrome (also knownas the late effects of poliomyelitis), early advanced degenerative arthritis, sleep disorders,respiratory insufficiency, and a variety of mental disorders. Although claims for disabilitybenefits based on polio are rare, such claims do occur on occasion.  SSA recognizes polioas a severe impairment that may entitle an individual to disability benefits.  For guidancein evaluating a claim based on polio, SSA relies on special rules. Because claims forbenefits based on polio are rare and usually are made later in life, it is recommended thatan individual speak with an attorney or representative that has experience in handlingpolio claims.