Obesity and Social Security Disability Benefits

Jul 31

Many years ago, an individual could receive disability benefits because of obesity. Thelaw changed and obesity is no longer an impairment qualifying someone for benefits.Today,  SSA considers  obesity  as  one  factor  out  of  many  in  evaluating  a  claim  fordisability  benefits.  For  example,  if  an  individual  suffers  from a  weight  bearing jointimpairment such as osteoarthritis in one or both knees,  obesity may contribute to theinability to stand/walk because of the pressure on the knees.  SSA determines obesitybased on an individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI) and relies on special rules for guidancein evaluating obesity.  If you suffer from one or more impairments and are obese, youshould consult with an attorney who is familiar with SSA’s special rules