Making a Claim for Disability and/or SSI Benefits

Mar 11

To apply for disability benefits or SSI benefits, an application for both programs needs to be filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

SSA encourages people to file an application on-line through SSA’s webpage, If the application is filed on-line, the applicant will need to submit to SSA signed medical authorizations and several forms. SSA’s on-line directions will provide the applicant directions on what forms and authorizations the applicant needs to print/complete and send to SSA. After the applicant completes and submits the on-line application, the applicant should print the verification page in the event there is a question as to when the applicant filed the application.

Filing an application can also be done by calling SSA. If a person applies by telephone, SSA will send to the applicant a number of forms to be completed and returned to SSA.

Failure to submit to SSA all required completed forms will prolong SSA making a decision on the claim or result in a denial. Given the importance of winning at the initial application level, it is recommended that the person filing for either SSI or SDI disability benefits consider retaining a qualified attorney/representative.

We provide this information as a public service. The information provided in this material is of a general nature. All claims for social security disability benefits have unique facts. For specific questions about your claim, you should consult with the Social Security Administration or your representative.