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Social Security is not just for the retired worker. The Social Security Act provides entitled benefits to individuals who can’t work because of an illness, injury or chronic condition. From the initial application to appeals, we have proven success in winning Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefit claims and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit claims for our clients.

Who We Are
We are local attorneys who have lived and practiced law in the Greater Grand Rapids area for many years. As local attorneys, we have an edge over other law firms. We have established good working relationships with many local treating physicians and healthcare facilities. We have worked directly with the local SSA offices and know what information they need to give your case the full attention it deserves. We have presented and won many cases at the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) level. Based on our experience, we know what the local judges are looking for to approve benefits.

Why choose us to file your claim?
The key to a well-built house is a solid foundation. Like a well-built house, you build the foundation of your claim when you file your initial application for entitled benefits. The information you provide SSA could either result in an approval of benefits or a denial. Although you don’t need an attorney to file your initial application, we know what information the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for to properly evaluate your claim. We assist our clients through the application process and work directly with SSA to ensure that SSA has all the information SSA needs to give our clients’ claim the full attention it deserves.
Our Services
We focus exclusively on representing disabled individuals. We help individuals win disability benefits. We recover money for individuals injured in automobile accidents and we fight for individuals’ rights under Michigan’s Automobile No-Fault Benefit Act.

Grand Rapids disability attorneys represent their community
Our Grand Rapids attorneys live in the Greater Grand Rapids area and reflect the values and beliefs of this great community. We are committed to investing in our community and giving back.

How to get started filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits
The Social Security Act is designed to help the disabled worker regardless if the disability is a result of an injury, illness or chronic condition.

To start the process, you must file your initial application with SSA. SSA requires a lot of accurate information concerning prior employment, medical condition, your medical treatment and functioning limitations. When you file your application, you are laying the foundation of your case. Many individuals find SSA’s need for accurate information for the initial application confusing and daunting during a time of poor health and financial stress.

Before you start the process of filing for benefits, contact us. We will talk with you for free regarding your case and give you straightforward answers to your questions. If we accept your case, we will meet with you in the comforts of our office and walk you through the process. We will take the burden off your shoulders and work directly with SSA to process your application while you focus on your health concerns.

What does it cost to have the West Michigan Disability Law Center file your claim for SSI disability benefits?

You, like many people, likely have heard horror stories about attorney fees. Rest assured, there is no horror story at West Michigan Disability Law Center!

Here’s how the process works: We will speak with you for free to determine the strength of your case. We will provide you with straightforward answers on whether you have a viable case. If we believe you have a viable claim for benefits we ask for no retainer fee. Even better, we take the risk with you. What this means is that we only receive an attorney fee if you win your case. The attorney fee represents a percentage of your back pay which is set by SSA. If you don’t win or don’t win back pay, you owe no attorney fee. Yes, it is that simple!

What Social Security Disability benefits are you entitled
If you win your case, you may be entitled to back pay, a monthly benefit and health insurance (Medicare or Medicaid). For social security disability insurance recipients, the amount of your monthly benefit is based on a number of factors such as your earning record. For SSI recipients, SSA takes into consideration such things as your assets, living situation and household income in determining your monthly benefit. In some cases, your minor children may be entitled to benefits based on your award. Theoretically, your benefits could be lifelong if there is no change in your living situation, employment situation or medical condition.

It only takes one call. Contact us for a free consultation — you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Call us today to schedule a time to meet with one of our Grand Rapids Social Security disability lawyers.

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