Fractures of the Tibia, Pelvis or One or More of the Tarsal Bones

Sep 08

In some cases, SSA will award disability benefits as a result of a lower extremity non-union (non-healing of the bone) fracture involving such bones as the tibia, pelvis or oneor more of the tarsal bones.  Most non-union lower extremity fracture claims that SSAevaluates are the result of trauma such as a motor vehicle accident.  Lower extremity non-union fractures may also be associated with weakness of bones as a result of disease suchas a tumor. SSA has special rules in evaluating this type of impairment.  Essential towinning benefits as a result of a fracture to a lower extremity is the inability to return tofunctional ambulation and duration.  Cases involving non-union fractures of the lowerextremity  can  be  difficult  to  win  disability  benefits  and  it  is  recommended  thatconsideration be given to retaining an attorney who has experience with social securitydisability cases.