Common Abbreviated Terms Used by the Social Security Administration

Apr 21

COMMON ABBREVIATED TERMS USED BY THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION:  The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses many abbreviations and acronyms when SSA processes a disability or SSI claim for benefits.


AC                  Appeals Council

AG                  Attorney General

ACE                Average Currant Earnings

ALJ                 Administrative Law Judge

AOD                Alleged Onset Date

ATTY              Attorney


CE                   Consultative Exam

CDB                Child Disability Benefit


DAA               Drug addiction and/or Alcoholism

DDS                Disability Determination Service

DHHS             Department of Health and Human Services

DHS                Department of Human Service

DI                    Disability Insurance

DIB                 Disability Insurance Benefit

DO                  District Office

DOE                Date of Entitlement

DOT                Dictionary of Occupational Titles


EPE                 Eligible Period of Entitlement

ER                   Earnings Record


FCE                 Functional Capacity Exam


GAF                Global Assessment Function


HM                  Hearing Monitor

HO                  Hearing Office


IME                 Independent Medical Exam


LDI                  Last Date Insured

LDW                Last Day Worked

LO                   Local Office


MDI                Medically Determinable Impairment

ME                  Medical Expert

MRFC             Mental Residual Functional Capacity




NOA               Notice of Award

NOH               Notice of Hearing


ODAR                        Office of Disability Adjudication and Review


PIA                 Primary Insurance Amount

PRW                Past Relevant Work


RC ALJ            Regional Chief Administrative Law Judge

RFC                 Residual Functional Capacity

RSDI                Retirement Survivors and Disability Insurance


SDM               Single Decision Maker

SGA                Substantial Gainful Activity

SSA                 Social Security Administration

SSDI               Social Security Disability Insurance

SSN                 Social Security Number


TTW                Ticket To Work

TWP                Trial Work Period


UWA             Unsuccessful Work Attempt


VE                   Vocational Expert

VR                  Vocational Rehabilitation

VTC                Video Teleconference


WE                  Wage Earner