Social Security’s Contribution to Your Income

This week’s Your Money column discusses a proposal included in President Obama’s budget that would slow the rate at which Social Security benefits increase over time.

One Recession Cost Is Lower Social Security Benefits

Drawing your Social Security benefits as soon as you are eligible can affect your long-term well-being, while deferring them offers a savings rate hard to find anywhere else.

Chipping Away at Poverty — an Exchange

A back-and-forth about SSI, my reporting and how best to make progress on poverty.

Rejected Disability Claims in Queens May Be Reheard

A tentative settlement was reached in a class-action lawsuit singling out five Social Security administrative law judges with particularly high denial rates.

Social Security: It’s Worse Than You Think

The Social Security Administration underestimates how long Americans will live. As a result, the trust funds will run out two years earlier than the government has predicted.

The Disability Trap

If you are disabled, you can either work and not qualify for financial assistance, or you’re sick, and barred from earning any substantial income.

When You Ask a Senator or Member of Congress for Help

Readers share their tales of attempts to get help from caseworkers who do constituent services work for their elected representatives.

Researchers Wring Hands as U.S. Clamps Down on Death Record Access

A shift by the Social Security Administration to limit access to its death records is beginning to slow research, such as assessments of hospital safety and efforts to spot consumer fraud.